About Ferreira Foods

I am MARY FERREIRA, the owner and operator of Ferreira Foods. I am a chef who grew up front and center in the culinary world with a restaurateur father and a mother who found great joy in cooking. Julia Child, Bon Appetite and recipe testing were the norm in our household. I have worked in the food industry for over 30 years, in every area from dishwasher to management. Even after attaining my Graduate degree from Harvard University in Forensic Psychology, I always came back to my love for food and my delight in sharing it with those around me. The culinary arts is where I am meant to be.

I created Ferreira Foods as a way to share my passion and to provide busy households and hosts with inventive, healthy and elegant choices when entertaining their families, friends and colleagues. My catering philosophy centers on my clients, and understanding their wishes. I present choices by not locking into absolutes or rigid menus. I provide support however it is needed and within any budget. Customer service is a priority in every aspect. I want everyone who comes in contact with Ferreira Foods to feel welcome, relaxed and leave with a smile.

My recipes are built upon basic techniques and ingredients, focusing on modern American cuisine, with innovative twists. I incorporate a touch of international flavor from my travels throughout the United States, Europe and South America. A majority of selections are made fresh in-house, never using preservatives, additives or extenders. I am very aware of, and able to accommodate, diverse dietary needs and eating habits and my menu reflects that importance. I believe in “less is more”, in using the freshest products, and in the never-ending pursuit of new and interesting ingredients, flavors, and techniques.

As a mother and concerned citizen, I am dedicated to keeping the world around us safe and clean for our children. I recycle, utilize biodegradable and compostable packaging whenever possible and remain committed to finding ways of minimizing our carbon footprint.